Links Energy Partners is a Texas-based Qualified Scheduling Entity (QSE) with a national demand-side management company with offices in Houston and Dallas. Our team delivers market intelligence to private and public sector customers and works on behalf of our clients to bid curtailable load into eligible Demand Response (DR) programs. We also help customers develop an energy management program that best suits their company’s operational needs.

Links Energy Partners is comprised of senior level wholesale and retail power traders, software developers, engineers, and executive sales managers who work with energy consumers to develop a profitable curtailment strategy that does not disrupt daily operations in a negative way.

We lend our knowledge and expertise to ensure all necessary equipment is in place, operational procedures are clearly documented and understood, and the customer’s facility is ready to respond to Demand Response tests and event calls.

Our team delivers superior service and implements the latest technology to allow our customers to efficiently and effectively manage their meters, energy consumption data, and their DR bids through our in-house built Energy Analytics Portal.



Discover how you can earn revenue by reducing your electric load during peak times with Demand Response.



Explore how our 360° approach to managing all your onsite generation assets can maximize your investment


Our proprietary Energy Analytics platform allows you to monitor your facility’s load with up-to-the-minute data.