Demand Response is a long-term energy management solution for organizations willing to reduce their energy consumption when demand for electricity is high (i.e. summer heat and winter freezes). By enrolling in a Demand Response program you not only receive special pricing incentives, such as reduced energy rates, you also help reduce the likelihood of rolling blackouts during peak load periods. Based on your energy usage, a Demand Response program may potentially save your company thousands of dollars annually.

Links Energy Partners has over a decade of experience integrating Demand Response programs into our clients’ energy portfolios across ERCOT, PJM and NYISO.

Demand Response
Demand Response reduces the need to call on peaking plants during high usage hours. This, in turn, reduces the aggregate cost of power.

Can You Participate?

To determine if your company qualifies for a Demand Response program our Links Engineer will need to:

  • Verify that your utility company offers Demand Response and define the scope of program, if available
  • Determine if your hours of operation are when a grid emergency is most likely to happen
  • Identify your monthly kilowatt demand and likelihood to curtail a minimum of 100kW
  • Validate your use an Interval Data Recorder (IDR) or Smart Meter
    Establish ownership of on-site generator for use as a revenue source during times of high index pricing

What Are The Benefits?

  • Receive payments made every four months
  • Reduce costs from avoided tariff charges
  • Lower energy consumption and lower cost
  • Reduce wholesale cost of electricity

What Are The Penalties?

  • Payment loss if you don’t hit curtailment commitment
  • 4-month contract suspension (one contract period) if you fall below 85% of commitment
  • Extended suspension for ongoing underperformance

Links Energy Partners was the 8th registered Qualified Scheduling Enity in the ERCOT market (currently 30+).

QSEs submit bids and offers on behalf of resource entities (REs) or load serving entities (LSEs). QSEs are able to submit offers to buy or sell energy in the Day-Ahead and Real-Time Markets. The QSE is also responsible for submitting a Current Operating Plan for all resources it represents and offering or procuring Ancillary Services as needed to serve their represented load. QSEs are responsible for settling financially with ERCOT or PJM.


Links Energy Partners has over 75 years of combined experience in the energy and utility industry. Since 2012, our team has provided our customers with energy management solutions, like Demand Response, to maximize their potential revenue and savings.

Based in Houston, our services extend across the country including Texas, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, D.C., New York, Massachusetts and California (ERCOT, PJM, NYISO, CAISO, NEISO and MISO). Call (832) 285-6797 or email us at to get started on your Demand Response program.